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How to Reduce Your TDU Delivery Charges

Did you look at your recent electric bill and wonder why ‘the average price per kWh you paid for electric service this month’ is not what you signed up for? Did you ask yourself, ‘I thought I signed up for a fixed rate contract. Why is it not the same? Why am I paying more?’

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4Change Energy – Compare Best Rates & Plans On Electricity In Texas

About 4Change Energy 4Change Energy is a Texas-based residential electricity company best known for its competitively priced energy plans and giving 4% of its profit to support Texas charities. 4Change Energy was founded in 2012 on the idea that electricity should be affordable and contribute to where you live. When you become a customer of

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How to buy 100% solar energy without panels – Chariot Energy

About Chariot Energy With Chariot Energy you can buy 100% clean, renewable, solar energy for your home or business in Texas without ever installing solar panels. Chariot Energy is a Texas-based retail electric provider that began serving residential and commercial energy customers in 2019. In 2020, Chariot Energy was nominated to the Top 5 Favorite

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Looking For Your ESI ID Number? Find Your Answer Here

An ESIID is a 17 or 22-digit number used to uniquely identify the point of electric service delivery to your home or business. It can be casually referred to as ‘meter number’ but it is not to be confused as they are distinct and serve different purposes.

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