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frequently asked questions about switching energy suppliers in Texas

Save Money by Switching Energy Suppliers with Honest Gorilla in Texas

One of the simplest ways to save some cash is to regularly change your retail electric provider in Texas. In this guide, we will address some of the most common questions about the process to make switching and saving on electricity with Honest Gorilla as easy as possible for you.

This FAQ article aims to dispel any confusion you may have regarding switching electricity suppliers in the deregulated Texas electricity market.

Once you have the information outlined in this article, you’ll be ready to begin your energy switching and saving journey with Honest Gorilla.

You can find the rest of the guides in this series linked at the end of this article.

How the Electricity Industry Works in Texas

In the Texas deregulated electricity market, most suppliers focus on attracting new customers by offering the cheapest deals. However, these discounted deals usually expire after 12 months or some introductory period. What happens afterwards? You’re moved to the supplier’s “standard prices” or “default variable rates” which are typically their highest rates without any discounts.

This is what you want to avoid. Once you get moved onto a month-to-month variable rate with your supplier, you should immediately do one of two things:


      1. Call your supplier and explore your renewal options with them and see if they will extend any discounts to you.

      1. Switch to a new supplier – whichever one is offering the best discount to new customers.

    It may seem like a hassle to do this every year, but customer loyalty isn’t what it used to be. You don’t get extra credit for being a customer long after your contract has expired. Matter of fact, you get dinged for it — not personally but you’ll definitely feel it in your pocketbook. A quick visit to Honest Gorilla could save you significant money. Remember, when you use Honest Gorilla, you’re searching across multiple plans and providers to find the best deal. You’ll want to visit Honest Gorilla to make sure you’re getting yourself the best deal — you can switch providers if it makes sense.

    1. Will I Be Penalized if I Switch Power Companies?

    Most energy contracts last one year. After this, you’re free to switch to a new supplier without penalty. If you switch energy suppliers before your contract is up, there will usually be an early termination fee. The fee varies depending on the original deal you signed up for. You can learn more about early cancellation fees here.

    2. Do I Need to Notify My Supplier That I’m Leaving?

    No. As long as you’re out of contract, you don’t need to give your existing supplier any notice. In fact, you don’t need to contact them at all during the switchover process. Honest Gorilla takes care of everything for you so you don’t have to do anything after you signup!

    3. What Do I Need to Switch Energy Suppliers?

    You need four main pieces of information to switch energy suppliers:


        • Your ESI ID: This is a unique identifier for your electricity service location, found on your electricity bill.

        • Your annual energy usage: Knowing how much energy you use in a year, either in kWh or in dollars, helps us provide accurate savings.

        • Personal details: Your home address, email address, contact number, and personal identification information (SSN) are needed to complete your switch.

      Having a copy of your recent bill on hand can help provide a better estimate of your expected savings. And if you’re switching for the first time and don’t have a copy, no worries there.

      4. How Do I Switch Electricity Suppliers?

      All you need is a ZIP Code and monthly energy usage details to get started. Don’t fret if you don’t have your monthly usage info; it helps to have it but not entirely necessary. With this info, you can use our energy price comparison calculator and follow these simple steps:


          1. Give us an estimate of your average monthly energy usage.

          1. View a list of available deals, sorted by total price (excluding government fees and taxes).

          1. Choose your new retail electric provider.

          1. Enter your service address, date you need service, billing and personal details. That’s it!

        5. Is it Easy to Switch Energy Supplier?

        Yes. It only takes a few minutes and can be done entirely online with Honest Gorilla, without any phone calls or paperwork. If you have any questions, you can always email our customer service team for assistance. We make our process so easy that even a gorilla can do it!

        6. What Happens After I Switch Suppliers?

        Two to three weeks after switching (or sooner, depending on your meter reading cycle), your old supplier will send you a final bill, and your new supplier will contact you with your account information. You’ll need to pay the final bill from your old supplier by the due date. All future bills will come from your new supplier.

        7. Is There a Risk I Could Get Cut Off During the Switching Process?

        No. Your electric supply will not be affected during the switchover process. Thousands of electricity customers in Texas switch every month, and suppliers handle these processes smoothly, seamlessly, electronically. No need for you to contact and inform anyone that you’re switching away. Matter of fact, it could possibly back-fire on you for informing your current provider that you’re switching away. Our honest recommendation is for you to sit back and let us do everything after you’ve signed up with us.

        8. When Will I Hear from My New Supplier?

        You should hear from your new supplier immediately by mail or email, and then again within several weeks of switching with Honest Gorilla when you receive your first bill.

        9. Can I Change My Energy Supplier if I Owe Money?

        If you’re in arrears with your current supplier, you may not be able to switch. If you do switch, you’ll still need to pay all amounts due when your old supplier sends you your final bill. And if you’re wanting to switch to a company which you previously owe money to, they will either assess a deposit, or ask that you clear out your outstanding balance before they accept you again.

        10. How Much Will I Save by Switching?

        The amount you save depends on your current plan, consumption habits, and available offers. If you use an average amount of energy each year, you could save hundreds of dollars annually by switching from variable rates to the cheapest deal on the market.

        11. How Often Should I Switch Suppliers?

        To ensure you’re always getting the best deal, we recommend that you switch suppliers every year or immediately after your current contract expires. If you’re savvy, you could visit Honest Gorilla every few months to see what our current rates are. If your savings exceed your early termination fee, then it may be worth consider switching sooner. Also, some suppliers offer retention deals, but these are usually not as competitive as the deals offered to new customers. Be sure to shop Honest Gorilla to see all the latest and current prices the market is offering.

        12. What Are the Different Payment Methods Available to Me?

        The best deals are usually reserved for those who pay by ACH or direct debit. This method saves suppliers on administrative costs, allowing them to pass some savings onto you. Other payment methods include cash, credit card, or prepay.


            • Direct Debit: The most convenient and usually cheapest option. Suppliers send you a bill, and payment is deducted from your bank account automatically.

            • Cash or Check: Some deals allow payment at various payment locations across town, but there may be a fee associated with making a payment.

            • Prepay: Pay in advance by topping up your prepay account, though these plans are typically more expensive than traditional post pay contracts.

          13. Can I Change My Mind?

          Yes. A three (3) day cooling-off (or right of recision) period applies, during which you can cancel your order without penalties. This consumer right is protected under Texas’ Customer Protection Rules and applies to all suppliers. Follow up in writing or by email if you decide to cancel. Proper documentation is always your best form of protection.

          Start Switching and Saving Today

          You can run a full, thorough comparison of electricity suppliers using our energy comparison tool. It’s free, easy to use, and lets you see every deal available. Enter your ZIP Code and see what the market is offering today!

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