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Find Out How Much You Can Save On Electricity​

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Do you live in Oncor and have been looking to upgrade your home? Or did you just buy a house and want to improve its energy efficiency? Oncor provides customers in its service area with amazing incentive programs to help Texans save on energy and money each year.

Through its “Take a load off Texas” initiative, Oncor offers rebates and discounts to help you operate an energy efficient home and ultimately help lower your energy bills. This is one page you’ll want to bookmark for later and review before you head out next time to your local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes.

Adding insulation to your attic and walls can drastically improve your energy efficiency and help you save on energy and money.

Home Energy Efficiency: Insulation

Are you noticing your electric bills are running on the high side? Have you been neglecting some home maintenance? Are you thinking to make some updates to your house? Oncor has a few incentives for attic, wall or floor insulation, caulking, and weather-stripping that you’ll want to check out. With a relatively small investment, you’ll keep your home’s heating and cooling costs down and indoor temps just right. Get started

Upgrading your HVAC system to a SEER 16 (or greater) can drastically improve your energy efficiency and help you save on energy and money.

Home Energy Efficiency: Heating & Cooling

Did you know that (on average) half of your household’s energy costs are for heating and cooling? This means replacing an old or inefficient AC unit with an efficient model can make a significant impact on your energy bill. In short, more cooling and heating for less money and less energy!

Plus, when you install a new high-efficiency A/C unit, featuring a 16 SEER rating or higher, you can earn incentives ranging from $300 up to $2,800. The amount of your incentive will be disclosed to you by your selected participating service provider and based on equipment replacement, new-high efficiency installation and geographic location. Click to learn how you can participate. Get started.

Simply changing our your light bulbs to LED will not only last longer but generate less heat, and ultimately help you save on energy and money.

LED Lighting & Smart Thermostats

Are you looking for instant discounts on ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs, Smart Thermostats, Room Air Conditioners, Room Air Purifiers, and Advanced Power Strips? Oncor has you covered. Switching to energy efficient measures can help lower your energy bill and make your home more comfortable.

And now, thanks to Oncor, you can enjoy instant discounts on LED lighting, up to a $65 coupon on smart thermostats, and a $50 coupon towards a Room Air Conditioner and Room Air Purifier. Plus you can purchase Advanced Power Strips for only $1.25 at participating Dollar Tree stores. Get started

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Low-Income Weatherization

Just because you have a fixed income, that should not prevent you from saving money on energy. You can see if your household qualifies for caulking, weather-stripping, and insulation. These DIY items can help reduce your energy use with less money out of your pocket and without sacrificing the comfort you’re accustomed to. Get started.

The power of the sun not only makes you feel better and brightens up any space, but can also be harnessed to generate solar electricity.

Solar Panels

Ever thought of powering your home with a natural, renewable source of energy? Has installing a solar photovoltaic system ever crossed your mind? Not only will you save money each year, you can get reductions for your efforts. Click to see what rebates and incentives Oncor has to offer. Get started.

And if installing solar on your rooftop is not an option, you can always choose a solar-power generated electricity plan from Chariot Energy or Gexa Energy and comparing rates.

New Construction Homes

Are you building a new single-family home, or in the market to buy a new construction home? You can lower your energy costs for good by purchasing a home from an Oncor New Homes Program (“ONHP”) participating homebuilder. ONHP homebuilders are committed to constructing ENERGY STAR® certified or Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Homes which use less energy than a typical new construction home.

Oncor helps lower the cost of efficient new homes by rewarding homebuilders that build to one of these code standards. Oncor customers can purchase energy efficient homes from any of the participating builders with confidence by asking for an ENERGY STAR® certified or Zero Energy Ready Home. Get started.

Load Management

You can take your energy load off the grid and effortlessly heed ERCOT’s call for energy conservation when it is needed the most to help prevent blackouts. You have the power to make a difference for your home and other Texans. Oncor has incentives available for those looking to enroll in demand response plans. Get started.

Eva logo in white

Find Out How Much You Can Save On Electricity

Eva logo in white

Find Out How Much You Could Save On Electricity


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