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Honest Gorilla is a full-service, Texas-based, electricity broker dedicated to reducing electricity expenses for fitness gym owners and operators.

By negotiating favorable rates, Honest Gorilla empowers businesses to retain a greater portion of their capital to run and scale their operations.

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Common Challenges Gym Owners Face

Having a large space requires a lot of electricity. Navigating the intricate world of electricity markets can seem daunting when doing it alone.
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Lack of industry expertise and insight to grasp complex energy market conditions.

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Partial understanding all of the factors affecting the price of electricity. 

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Limited time, resources and bandwidth to secure optimal electricity prices.

Shopping For Electricity Made Hassle-Free

Running a successful gym is no easy feat. You’ve got to keep the weights in order, classes running smoothly, and your members motivated. 

But there’s one area where you could be seeing big gains without breaking a sweat – your electricity expenses

You’re not alone with Honest Gorilla. We understand that every penny counts in your business, and that’s why we’re here to offer you a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to manage your gym’s electricity costs.

✔️ Savings Analysis & Market Insight
✔️ Personalized, Customized Solutions
✔️ Simplified, One-Stop Comparison Shopping

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Explore Our Product Options

We find electricity options to meet all fitness gym types and needs, pricing updated daily.
Honest Gorilla offers commercial electricity customers fixed rate plans up to 48 months in length, giving price stability and price certainty

Fixed Rates up to 48 months

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Forward Locking Contracts up to 12 months out

Honest Gorilla customers can enjoy the benefit of 100% renewable energy plans sourced from wind and solar without the steep investment of actually installing a wind mill or solar panels on your rooftop

100% Renewable Energy

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"Each of our 5 locations had varying contract end dates. Honest Gorilla analyzed our bills and uncovered 47% savings across the board -- that's after paying the ETF. We terminated those contracts to take advantage of the lower rates." Roya B.

Achieve Peak Efficiency For Your Gym

Discover the advantages of partnering with Honest Gorilla to assess your gym's energy fitness

Expert Bill Analysis

We decode your bills to save you money.

One-Stop Shop

Streamline your energy management effortlessly.

Cost Savings

We secure the best deals, so you don't overpay.

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Reverse-Auction Magic

Get the lowest prices through competition.

Market Insights

Our expertise ensures you make informed decisions.

Time & Stress Saver

We handle the complexities; you focus on your business.

To obtain a complimentary electric bill evaluation


Answer a few questions about your gym and how it uses electricity

Commercial electricity customers can download the LOA and upload a signed copy along with bill copies directly on the Honest Gorilla website

Download the LOA and obtain two recent bills, all pages, front and back.

Signed copy of the Commercial LOA and bill copies can be emailed directly to Honest Gorilla

Submit all documents to

Frequent Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Honest Gorilla’s experts find you the best deals, ensuring you save without sacrificing quality.

No, Honest Gorilla makes the process seamless, handling all the details for you.

Absolutely, we’re equipped to manage electricity for multiple locations.

Yes, we can explore green energy options that align with your gym’s values.

You may contact or visit your local utility company online to report an outage and check its status. For all other electrical issues, contact a trusted electrician.

Savings typically start within your first billing cycle.

Make choosing Honest Gorilla the best and easiest decision today.

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