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We've partnered with leading energy providers to offer you competitively priced plans

Same reliable power, same trusted service, but with even greater savings on your electric bill.

Honest Gorilla is a full-service electricity broker dedicated to reducing electricity expenses for our residential clients.

By negotiating favorable rates, Honest Gorilla enables renters to retain a greater portion of their budget to be spent on other things that matter most.

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Get The Honest Truth With Honest Gorilla

Sure, you're "just" shopping for electricity. But there's some things you may not be aware of.

Many of Honest Gorilla's competitors rank high in search by offering teaser rates and plans that are gimmicky

Energy providers offer tricky teaser rates to rank higher online.

Shopping websites are notorious for displaying energy-only rates and, unlike Honest Gorilla, are not fully transparent in what is their true-cost of electricity per kWh

Shopping sites display energy-only rates, leaving out hidden fees.

Concierge services offer convenience in the short-run, but who wants to give their SSN and credit card information to a complete stranger without knowing if they're even getting a good deal

Concierge services offer what’s best for them, not catered to you.

Customer who don't used Honest Gorilla's free plan comparison service often find themselves overpaying for electricity

Customers overspend an average of up to 40% each year.

Shopping For Electricity
Made Simple

Moving to a new apartment and need electricity turned on? Looking for a smarter way to comparison shop for electricity?

If so, you’re at the right place!

At Honest Gorilla, we’ve got you covered with seamless, cost-effective electricity services tailored to renters like you!

✔️ Personalized, Hassle-Free Experience
✔️ One-Stop Comparison Shopping
✔️  Hassle-Free, 100% Online

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Explore Our Product Options

We find electricity options to meet all lifestyles, plans and pricing updated weekly.
Honest Gorilla offers residential electricity customers fixed rate plans up to 48 months in length, giving price stability and price certainty

Fixed Rates up to 48 months

Honest Gorilla customers can enjoy the benefit of 100% renewable energy plans sourced from wind and solar without the steep investment of actually installing a wind mill or solar panels on your rooftop

100% Renewable Energy

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Pre-Paid Electricity

Compare 11 energy providers and 45+ plans in seconds

How You Can Save Big With Honest Gorilla

Discover the many advantages of using Honest Gorilla and why you should use us to find your next electricity plan.

New Tenant or Long-Term Resident

Whether you're a new face in your apartment or a seasoned resident looking to cut costs, we're here to make your experience easy and budget-friendly.

Save Big on Monthly Bills

We understand that every penny counts. Our competitive rates and energy-saving tips can help you keep more money in your pocket.

Flexible Plans That Suit Your Lifestyle

Choose from a range of electricity plans to find the one that fits your needs: fixed-rate for stability or variable-rate for flexibility.

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Environmental Friendly Options

Join us in reducing your carbon footprint. Check out our eco-friendly, renewable energy plans designed for sustainability and sourced from 100% wind or solar.

Quick and Easy Setup

Say goodbye to complicated processes. We'll guide you through the setup, ensuring your electricity service is ready when you move-in.

Low or No Security Deposit Options

We offer a variety of plans and providers to fit your lifestyle, regardless of your credit score.

What Happens After You Signup?

You don't have to pick up the phone or email anyone. After you signup online with Honest Gorilla, here's what happens.

Welcome Email: Honest Gorilla messages your new electric company to welcome you, and they will provide important account info and service details.

Initial Meter Read: Your new company notifies your local utility for meter reading. You don’t have to do anything. You have 3 days to cancel, if you wish.

Start Using Electricity: Once the meter is switched, you’ll start to use electricity and get billed at your new low rate.

Final Payment: Pay your old provider’s final bill if switching.

How Honest Gorilla Works

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Frequent Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If you can provide a forwarding address where you are moving to, then you can get out of your contract without any penalties. This is to prevent folks from cancelling for convenience.

Many factors influence electricity usage and costs. We can estimate it for you by answering some questions, or sign up for free at Smart Meter Texas to access 12 months of usage history and plug in your data to get a good estimate for your unit costs. Of course, this does not account for lifestyle differences between you and the previous tenant.

Enter your zip code below and the system will automatically determine your utility company. And signing up for service is just as easy — follow the prompts, choose the best plan for you and your lifestyle, and within minutes you’ll be signed up and ready to go. 

Security deposits vary by provider based on credit. We offer no-deposit options for low/no credit. Switching is free unless you want to expedite or pick your start date.

You may contact or visit your local utility company online to report an outage and check its status. For all other electrical issues, contact your property management company.

Make choosing an electricity plan the easiest thing you do.

The 5-Star Electricity Marketplace

Valentin Celis
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I used honest gorilla to switch providers for my parents house. They just received their first bill and the price difference is insane!
Von Realty Group
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We used Honest Gorilla for an investment property we have and absolutely love it! The owner wrote us a hand written thank you note. The website is easy to use and saved us a ton of money!
D. Hunter
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I'm new to Texas and to shopping for an electricity provider. Sam with Honest Gorilla was extremely helpful. Sam walked me through the process and explained everything.
Shiva Sahba
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My husband used the site for the first time, and he liked that the site was very informative helping him choose the right plan for us, and easy to sign up with the company of his choice. He recommends this site to his family and friends.
Chris Cappeto
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Honest Gorilla was simple to use. Sam was extremely helpful in walking me through the process of signing up for electric service and pointing me in the right direction for gas and water. A great service and a solid operator!!!
Poya Eghterafi
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Hi highly recommend it (Honest Gorilla). They asks a lot of questions, but the service does deliver on recommending the best deal. If you are shopping for an energy provider, do try it (Honest Gorilla)

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