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Texpo Energy was started in 2006 and is still a privately-held retail electric provider, proudly serving residential and commercial customers in Texas and nationally through its affiliated companies (Southwest Power & Light and YEP). Founded by highly experienced energy executives with more than 150 years of combined experience in the electricity, natural gas, and related industries Texpo Energy team members have worked in deregulated markets all over North America, including many international markets,

Experience is Texpo Energy’s most valuable asset. This helps differentiate Texpo from the competition and allows the Texpo team to provide superior products, competitive pricing, value-added services, and unparalleled customer satisfaction to our clients.

About Texpo Energy Electricity Plans in Texas

When you shop the Honest Gorilla marketplace, you will see a variety of fixed-rate energy plans of varying term lengths. It is important that, when you are looking to choose an energy plan for your home, you choose the plan that is right for your household, lifestyle and budget.

Texpo’s Savings AutoPay E-Plan

The Texpo Savings AutoPay E-Plan is a fixed rate plan that comes in a variety of contract terms, ranging from 12, 24 and 36 month options. This plan is being offered particularly for its added incentive when you authorize monthly payments of your invoices via automatic recurring withdrawals from your bank account(s) or charges to your credit card (“AutoPay”). This discount is already figured into the price. However, if you elect to pay your invoice by any method other than an approved AutoPay method, then you will be subject to an additional charge of 0.5¢/kWh, referred to as the “Payment Processing Fee.”

The price disclosure for the Texpo Savings AutoPay E-Plan is based on:

  • a fixed base energy charge,
  • plus all charges from your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (“TDSP”) and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (“ERCOT”) (collectively, “Delivery Charges”),
  • a $9.95 Minimum Usage Fee (Texpo will not charge the Minimum Usage Fee for each billing cycle in which you use at least 1,000 kWhs),
  • and Public Utility Commission of Texas (“PUCT”) fees and assessments.

If you’re curious to know whether or not you will be charged the $9.95 Minimum Usage Fee for any given month, be sure to sign up for a free account at Smart Meter Texas. You can see in almost real-time how much electricity you’ve used in any given billing cycle so that you can manage your usage accordingly.

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How to sign up for service with Texpo Energy

Once you answer a few questions regarding your lifestyle, household and budget, Honest Gorilla’s algorithm will crunch the numbers. We will rank all of the plans in order of cheapest to most expensive. To see all of the plans offered by Texpo Energy, be sure to select ‘Texpo Energy’ as one of the desired filters.

After that, signing up for service with Texpo Energy is super quick and easy. You will be asked to provide your DOB and SSN for identity verification and credit qualification purposes. If everything checks out, then in less than 90 seconds you will be signed up for service and Texpo Energy will be your retail electric provider.

There is nothing you will need to do once you have enrolled for service. Just sit back and let the computer networks do the talking and provisioning. You will receive an email from us congratulating and thanking you for your business. You will also receive a welcome email from Texpo Energy providing details of your contract and service, as well as how to enroll in the Autopay.

Please note that if you are switching energy providers, ERCOT will send you a postcard in the mail informing you of your intent to change providers. Be sure to pay the final bill with your previous energy provider. And if you’re signing up for service for the first time, make sure you selected the date you would like to have service turned on.

Want to see how Texpo Energy’s plans compare to other offers? Click here to check their rates.

Does Texpo Energy charge a deposit to get started?

Texpo may use credit reporting agencies to document and evaluate your credit and/or electric payment history. If you do not meet Texpo’s credit standards or cannot demonstrate satisfactory credit, Texpo may require a deposit from you pursuant to the Customer Protection Rules.

The total of any deposits requested by Texpo will not exceed the greater of:

  • (a) the sum of your estimated billings for the next two months;
  • (b) one-fifth of your estimated annual billing; or
  • (c) the amount permitted by the Customer Protection Rules

Texpo has the right to refuse enrollment of service or, if already a customer, to disconnect your service if a deposit is not paid within 10 days of the request for deposit.

Is there any way to waive my deposit for setting up electricity with Texpo Energy?

If you qualify for any of the following conditions, then you could seek a deposit waiver and not have to post a security deposit:

  • (a) are 65 years of age or older and you are not currently delinquent in payment of any electric service account, or
  • (b) have been determined to be a victim of family violence (as defined in Texas Family Code §71.00 4, by a family violence center (as defined in Texas Human Resources Code §51.002, by treating medical personnel, by law enforcement personnel, by the Office of a Texas District Attorney, by the Office of the Attorney General, or by a grantee of the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation as it may be possible for you to obtain electric service from Texpo without a deposit.

For a full list of qualifications regarding alternatives to paying a deposit in t he form of a Letter of Guarantee, please review Section 25.478(i) of the Customer Protection Rules or ask
one of Texpo’s customer care experts.

How can I get back my deposit with Texpo Energy?

You will earn a rate of interest at the rate approved by the PUCT or established by applicable PUC ruling and on any deposit retained by Texpo for longer than 30 days. Upon request, Texpo will refund any deposit held plus accrued interest calculated at the PUCT stated rate when you form a record of no late payment for 12 consecutive monthly invoices.

Does Texpo Energy offer any special billing or payment options?

To assist those on fixed incomes or, for budgetary purposes, need to have steady and consistent energy bills, Texpo Energy offers several options.

Levelized Billing

Texpo’s levelized billing option bases your monthly bill on the previous year’s average electricity usage. Your account is then periodically reconciled based on your actual usage. Texpo needs at least twelve months of your billing history on file to calculate the levelized rate. You may enroll at any time in Texpo’s levelized billing program simply by calling Texpo’s Customer Service Center.

Deferred Payment Plans

Texpo will offer a deferred payment plan if:

  • (a) a bill becomes due during an extreme weather emergency, pursuant to Section 25.483(j) of the Customer Protection Rules,
  • (b) you are invoiced for services for which you were previously under-billed or
  • (c) as otherwise required by the Customer Protection Rules.

Texpo must confirm any such plan in writing to show that you are enrolled and that the payment arrangement has been established. You may request a copy of the agreement at any time.

If you accept the terms of a deferred payment plan, the balance of the amount deferred may not appear on each monthly invoice. To find out the current amount of any deferred balance, please contact a Texpo representative. You may also qualify for other alternative payment arrangements. Be sure to call Texpo for more information and to learn how you may qualify.

What happens after my contract expires with Texpo Energy?

After the expiration of your contract term with Texpo, unless you have elected to disconnect or switch your electricity service to a new REP or otherwise renewed with Texpo, Texpo may continue to provide electricity service to you. In this case, your service will continue automatically on a monthly basis. Please note that, during this period:

  • (a) you or Texpo may cancel your Agreement at any time;
  • (b) if you were on a green, renewable, or other specialty plan, Texpo may discontinue those plans and products while serving you on this monthly basis; and
  • (c) Texpo’s monthly default pricing will apply and will vary from month to month. Additional information may be specified in the EFL attached to or sent near the time of your Contract Expiration and Renewal Notice (“Expiration Notice”).

There is no limit on the amount of change or increase or decrease in your price from any one period to the next. Texpo will send you an Expiration Notice at least 14 days prior to the end of your Term.

Which utilities does Texpo Energy offer electricity service?

Texpo Energy is an experienced energy provider in Texas and serves communities all around the state. Below are some of the cities and utility service areas where Texpo Energy operates:

  • Oncor Electric Delivery: The largest energy delivery company in the state serves 98 counties in Texas. Cities it serves include Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Arlington and Odessa.
  • Centerpoint Energy: This energy utility serves the Houston metro area and parts of southern and eastern Texas.
  • Texas New-Mexico Power (TNMP): In business for more than 40 years, TNMP delivers electricity to Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Midland.
  • AEP Texas: AEP has Central (AEPC) and North (AEPN) Texas divisions. Cities it serves include Corpus Christi, Laredo and Abilene.

What cities does Texpo Energy service in Texas?

If you’re wanting to sign up for electricity, then look no further. You can shop and compare Texpo Energy rates and plans available in your city with Honest Gorilla.

Find your city in the list below, and you will be able to comparison shop and click to signup for a low-cost electricity plan with Texpo Energy in just a few minutes.

Don’t see your city in the list above? Wondering if we can still help? Click here or on the zip code finder to search for your city and let’s see!

Click here if you wish to see Honest Gorilla compare Texpo Energy’s plans to other offers.

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Find Out How Much You Can Save On Electricity

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Find Out How Much You Could Save On Electricity


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