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About 4Change Energy

4Change Energy is a Texas-based residential electricity company best known for its competitively priced energy plans and giving 4% of its profit to support Texas charities.

4Change Energy was founded in 2012 on the idea that electricity should be affordable and contribute to where you live. When you become a customer of 4Change Energy, you are joining an organization that believes in helping fellow Texans in need. The best part is you get to choose your favorite cause amongst the four charities they have partnered with: American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Heroes for Children and Feeding Texas.

In 2016, 4Change Energy came under the control of parent company, Vistra Energy, and is now part of its Value Based Brands retail subsidiary of energy companies. Value Based Brands is the parent company to 4Change Energy, Express Energy and Veteran Energy.

4Change Energy Plan Types

When you shop the Honest Gorilla marketplace, you will see a variety of fixed-rate energy plans of varying term lengths. It is important that, when you are looking to choose an energy plan for your home, you choose the plan that is right for your household, lifestyle and budget.

View prices based on avg monthly usage

Plan NameTermPricePricePrice
Power Maxx Saver 24 by 4Change Energy24 months0.204¢ / kWh0.194¢ / kWh0.139¢ / kWh
Power Maxx Saver 12 by 4Change Energy12 months0.204¢ / kWh0.194¢ / kWh0.139¢ / kWh
Maxx Saver Select 12 by 4Change Energy12 months0.232¢ / kWh0.127¢ / kWh0.174¢ / kWh
Maxx Saver Select 24 by 4Change Energy24 months0.232¢ / kWh0.127¢ / kWh0.174¢ / kWh
Power Maxx Saver 24 by 4Change Energy24 months0.203¢ / kWh0.194¢ / kWh0.139¢ / kWh
Power Maxx Saver 12 by 4Change Energy12 months0.203¢ / kWh0.194¢ / kWh0.139¢ / kWh
Maxx Saver Select 12 by 4Change Energy12 months0.221¢ / kWh0.117¢ / kWh0.164¢ / kWh
Maxx Saver Select 24 by 4Change Energy24 months0.221¢ / kWh0.117¢ / kWh0.164¢ / kWh
Power Maxx Saver 24 by 4Change Energy24 months0.204¢ / kWh0.195¢ / kWh0.141¢ / kWh
Power Maxx Saver 12 by 4Change Energy12 months0.204¢ / kWh0.195¢ / kWh0.141¢ / kWh
Maxx Saver Select 12 by 4Change Energy12 months0.224¢ / kWh0.12¢ / kWh0.168¢ / kWh
Maxx Saver Select 24 by 4Change Energy24 months0.224¢ / kWh0.12¢ / kWh0.168¢ / kWh

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Maxx Saver Select

This plan option gives you all of the features of a fixed-rate energy plan with an added benefit of offering a $100 bill credit when your usage exceeds 1000 kWh each billing period. There is no base charge, and TDU charges are passed-through without markup. Additionally, there is a low cancellation charge should you choose to terminate early. The fee is only $20 per month remaining on your contract.

If you’re curious to know whether or not you’re going to receive the $100 credit, be sure to sign up for an account at Smart Meter Texas. You can see in almost real-time how much electricity you’ve used in any given billing cycle.

As an added bonus, 4Change Energy offers all customers its Satisfaction Guarantee.

Portrait of handsome young man making the okay gesture, demonstrates agreement, likes the idea of a satisfaction guarantee, smiles happy

What is the 4Change Energy Satisfaction Guarantee and how does it work?

4Change Energy strives to fit your needs with your very first 4Change Energy plan, and understands that sometimes needs can change. If you decide that you’re not completely satisfied with your plan within 60 days of your enrollment, 4Change Energy is prepared to make it right. It used to be 30 days. 4Change Energy recently upped to 60 days! They will work with you to resolve whatever you’re not happy about or to find another 4Change Energy term plan that better fits your needs.

If that doesn’t seem enough and you still need something more, then 4Change Energy will let you out of your contract—penalty free—as long as you contact 4Change Energy by phone within 60 days of your enrollment. And if you end up cancelling, then you will be responsible for paying for the electricity you have used, but your cancellation fee will be waived.

Which charities does 4Change Energy contribute to?

When you choose 4Change Energy as your electricity provider in Texas, you are effectively helping others enjoy food on their table, relief after natural disaster, hope for a cure for cancer, and some quality family time for those fighting childhood illness.

Giving back to the people of Texas is central to the mission of 4Change Energy, and is why they contribute 4% of their profits to charities for causes you care about.

After you sign up for service with 4Change Energy, you get to choose which of the following charities you would like for 4Change Energy to donate to on your behalf.

Helping children who face serious illness is a cause near and dear to many, as it should be. Illness is tough on anyone, but especially children. Choosing this cause means donating money toward care and hope for kids with serious illness. Learn more about Heroes for Children.

When disaster strikes, people need relief immediately. And when it hits close to home, the desire to help feels that much more real and personal. Choosing the American Red Cross means that money will go to relief organizations which stand at the ready to support our neighbors through flood, tornado, and other natural disasters. Learn more about the American Red Cross.

Cancer prevention and research is a cause 4Change Energy feels is worth supporting. That is why they have chosen this category as one of the recipients of their charitable donation program. Because sometimes turning on the lights can mean turning on ideas that could change a life. Learn more about the American Cancer Society.

No one should go hungry – especially not in our communities. That’s why with 4Change Energy, we are supporting efforts to help end hunger in every city across Texas. By being your provider of electricity, together we can provide food to those who need it. Learn more about Feeding Texas.

How to sign up for service with 4Change Energy

Once you answer a few questions regarding your lifestyle, household and budget, Honest Gorilla’s algorithm will crunch the numbers. We will rank all of the plans in order of cheapest to most expensive. To see all of the plans offered by 4Change Energy, be sure to select ‘4Change Energy’ as one of the desired filters.

After that, signing up for service with 4Change Energy is super quick and easy. You will be asked to provide your DOB and SSN for identity verification and credit qualification purposes. If everything checks out, then in less than 90 seconds you will be signed up for service and 4Change Energy will be your retail electric provider.

There is nothing you will need to do once you have enrolled for service. Just sit back and let the computer networks do the talking and provisioning. You will receive an email from us congratulating and thanking you for your business. You will also receive a welcome email from 4Change Energy providing details of your contract and service.

Please note that if you are switching energy providers, ERCOT will send you a postcard in the mail informing you of your intent to change providers. Be sure to pay the final bill with your previous energy provider. And if you’re signing up for service for the first time, make sure you selected the date you would like to have service turned on.

Click here if you wish to see Honest Gorilla compare 4Change Energy’s plans to other offers.

Does 4Change Energy charge a deposit to get started?

You may be required to provide an initial deposit before receiving electric service if you cannot demonstrate satisfactory credit. This can be assessed for any of the following reasons:

      • Credit score is below a certain threshold.

      • You have been late paying your bill more than once during the last 12 months, or

      • Your service has been disconnected for non-payment.

    Also, you may be required to provide an additional deposit to continue to receive electric service if your average bill for the last 12 months is at least twice the amount of the original estimated annual bill and 4Change Energy has issued you a notice for disconnected or have disconnected your account in the previous 12 months.

    How can I get back my deposit with 4Change Energy?

    If you establish satisfactory credit with 4Change Energy by making timely payments for 12 consecutive months, then 4Change Energy will apply the deposit plus accrued interest to your account.

    If, on the other hand, you do not establish satisfactory credit with 4Change Energy during the time you receive service from 4Change Energy, then they will apply the deposit plus accrued interest against the outstanding balance on your final bill. You will be billed for any remaining balance and the bill will be due upon receipt. 4Change Energy will refund any credit balance to you or transfer the credit balance to your new retail electric provider, at your request and with your new provider’s consent.

    Is there any way to waive my deposit for Texas electricity with 4Change Energy?

    You may avoid paying a deposit if you:

        • Submit a payment history letter from your previous electric service provider confirming two years of service and your positive payment record for 12 consecutive months,

        • Have a satisfactory credit rating,

        • Are atleast 65 years of age and do not have a delinquent balance with your current electric service provider,

        • Submit proof that you are medically indigent, or

        • Have been a victim of family violence and can provide a certification letter by the Texas Council on Family Violence.

      Be sure to contact 4Change Energy if you believe you may be eligible for one of these options.

      Does 4Change Energy offer any special billing or payment options?

      To assist those on fixed incomes or, for budgetary purposes, need to have steady and consistent energy bills, 4Change Energy offers several options.

      Budget Billing

      After you have signed up for service using Honest Gorilla, you can contact 4Change Energy and ask them about budget billing. When requesting for budget billing, your account cannot be delinquent.

      Budget billing consists of a level monthly payment plan based on: your estimated monthly usage (which is determine by reviewing your past 12 billing cycles), and your rate structure.

      Every sixth billing cycle, 4Change Energy will review your account, reconcile your budget billing option and determine your new monthly payment.

      Budget billing will be cancelled upon your request or if your account becomes past due or is terminated; if cancelled, then your account will be reconciled and any credit or unpaid balance will appear on your next invoice.

      EZ Pay, or Auto Pay Payment

      With 4Change Energy’s recurring payment program, you get the convenience of easy automatic payments month for what is owed.

      Online Account Management

      You may receive, view and/or pay your bill electronically through 4Change Energy’s electronic bill presentment option.

      Third- Party Bill Payment Centers

      Certain select bill payment centers allow you to pay your 4Change Energy balance in person by paying with cash. Please note that some payment centers may charge a fee for payment processing. This is their fee and not 4Change Energy’s and cannot be applied towards the bill you are paying.

      Also, beware that unauthorized payment locations may take 5 -7 business days or longer for 4Change Energy to receive your payment. Additionally, excessive chargebacks or returned checks may result in you being required to pay your bill in cash at an authorized payment location.

      What happens after my contract expires with 4Change Energy?

      You will receive a contract expiration notice before your contract actually expires. However, if you wish to continue to receive electricity service, then you do not need to take any action. Just be advised that if you do not sign up for an energy plan, you will be billed under a 4Change Energy default month-to-month renewal product. The EFL for your month-to-month renewal product will describe its pricing terms, which will be included with your final contract expiration notice. You are free to sign up for another 4Change Energy plan or choose another energy plan at any time by visiting Honest Gorilla and comparing your options.

      Which utilities does 4Change Energy offer electricity service?

      4Change Energy is one of the most popular energy providers in Texas and serves communities all around the state. Below are some of the cities and utility service areas where 4Change Energy operates:

          • Oncor Electric Delivery: The largest energy delivery company in the state serves 98 counties in Texas. Cities it serves include Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Arlington and Odessa.

          • Centerpoint Energy: This energy utility serves the Houston metro area and parts of southern and eastern Texas.

          • AEP Texas: AEP has Central (AEPC) and North (AEPN) Texas divisions. Cities it serves include Corpus Christi, Laredo and Abilene.

        What cities does 4Change Energy service in Texas?

        If you’re wanting to sign up for electricity, then look no further. You can shop and compare 4Change Energy Energy rates and plans available in your city with Honest Gorilla.

        Find your city in the list below, and you will be able to comparison shop and click to signup for a low-cost electricity plan with 4Change Energy in just a few minutes.

        Don’t see your city in the list above? Wondering if we can still help? Click on the zip code finder to search for your city and let’s see what are your options!

        Click here if you wish to see Honest Gorilla compare 4Change Energy’s plans to other offers.

        Helpful resources to help you get in touch with 4Change Energy

            • To sign up for service with 4Change Energy

            • Register your 4Change Energy online account

            • Hours of Operation: M-F, 7am – 8pm CST and Saturday, 8am-5pm CST

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